Article by Mary Nakirya, Program Manager, BROSDI

It is unfortunate that many people especially in the developing countries keep cutting trees with no effort to replace them. Because trees exist, we do not take time to think of their value to the environment we all share. Planting fruit trees is important because in addition to many benefits of trees like, providing building materials, fuel, and paper making, fruit trees can at the same time serve as fruits for sale to earn income and for food to supplement meals at home.

Many trees are used to provide various types of medicine which is very important especially to the people in un developed world who can hardly afford to buy more expensive drugs both for animals and people. The leaves and stems are also used to eliminate pests which can be a threat to crops and animals. For example pawpaw seeds are used to treat worms in poultry.

Trees absorb harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and in turn give off oxygen there by improving the air we breathe. Researchers say that, one big tree can produce oxygen for four people for a lifetime.

Trees filter and purify pollutants like gases emitted from industries, cars, smoke, dust and ash there by cleaning up the air. Leaves, keep moisture near to the ground helping to trap chemicals there by keeping them out of lakes and rivers. This helps to improve water we use and drink.

Forests play a big part adding water vapor to the atmosphere, increasing cloudy conditions which eventually lead to rainfall and cooling of the environment. When trees are cut, the result is increase in temperature and general global warming which means gradual rise of the earth’s surface temperature, thought to be caused by the greenhouse effect. It is probably responsible for climatic changes worldwide.

They prevent soil erosion by reducing the force of rainfall at the soil surface and by reducing the water force and absorbing it, preventing direct run off. Slow down rain runoff by either holding or absorbing water and reduce flooding with its effects. Because they retain water, trees help reduce runs offs into our drainages and streams.

Trees attract birds and other wildlife, making a beautiful landscape which attracts tourists. They provide shelter for people, animals, and other plants.


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  1. Posted by Steve on July 8, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    Intresting article, definately informative and educative


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