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Planting Garlic as a Pest Control In your Garden

Garlic is one of the strongest pest control methods in gardens. While using it, plant it around areas where pests are a problem Most insects are repelled by the smell.

However, even the beneficial insects may be repelled by the garlic. This means that care must be taken while planting it so as not to loose the beneficial insects.

To control moles, Use one whole or crushed garlic and place directly into their tunnels. The odor of garlic is very strong to their sensitive nose, and this will encourage them abandon the area. Garlic plants also work as a great deterrent So planting garlic as a companion plant is helpful to eliminate a mole or rats.

Using garlic water for plants can also work as a tonic that seeps into the soil and disrupts the harmful insects that usuallyhide  there. moles  will avoid digging in the dirt that has been treated with garlic water.


Proper Crop Spacing For Higher Crop Yields

One of the most important factors in flourishing crop planting is correct spacing.

While planting any crop it is important to space appropriately depending on the type of crop size and root system. Those with wider roots and leaves need much bigger space than those with smaller roots.

Every plant requires enough space for developing. When plants are too close to each other, they end up being overcrowded which later leads to stunting of the crops and resultant poor yields.

Before planting any crops it is important to get a guide on how to space the crop. Some of the reasons for proper spacing include;

It allows plants to develop to their full potential on top and underneath ground.

Adequate space ensures less competition for sunlight, water and fertilizers.

Spacing can also prevent the spread of pests and diseases from one plant to another.