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Prevent New Castle with Sisal Roots

New castle disease is an acute contagious disease of chicken, characterized by respiration distress, nervous sings and death. The disease is highly fatal causing heavy mortalities and loss of egg production and it is caused by a new castle diseases virus. There are many strains of the virus which vary in virulence and clinical manifestation.

Transmission between sick and heath birds is by contact, but infection can also be spread through water and feeds. In areas where free range system is common, especially in rural areas the spread of the disease is fast giving rise to epidemic waves. Before death the birds show depression, coughing, difficulty in breathing and nervous signs. The nervous signs are manifested by twisted neck and paralysis. In laying birds there is severe drop in egg production.
A small type of colored sisal roots mainly found in the forestry can prevent the birds from the attack if crashed and mixed together with water.

•Get the roots of small sisal roots (roots from 4 plants add in 2 litter of water)
•Crash the roots after washing it properly.
•Mix with clean water.
•Add in some grains of millet to attract the birds.
•Place the mixture to the place where the birds feed daily.
•Change the water every day and the crashed roots every after two weeks.

By Mulopi J
Celac Mayuge