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Mangoes for Good Health

By Mulopi Joseph

Mango fruits which originated from south East Asia are now wildly spread in the world with more than 1000 types grown in different areas.

Mangoes are fruits with a good source of minerals such as
Copper and potassium. They contain traces of magnesium, manganese, selenium,
Calcium, iron and phosphorus.

Mangoes are also rich in vitamin C and A. Vitamin C content is more in raw mangoes as compared to that in ripe mango. It also has traces of vitamin E, B and vitamin K.

It is said that the nutritional value of mangoes make it good
for weight gain, eye disorders, hair loss, morning sickness, piles, etc. Raw
Mangoes contain starch which is converted into sugar as the fruit ripens.

These sugars are very useful in weight gain when consumed with milk which is rich in protein.

Farmers are advised to grow mangoes in their gardens and compound for that extra nutrition.