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During the harvesting period farmers sell their crops at a cheaper price or sometimes no market for the products at all. After a short time the prices raises when farmers have no any product to sell. Storing crop can be a way of to get higher prices for crops. Before a product can be sold, it often has to be stored in good storage.

The quality of perishable products declines if they are stored poorly; moulds, pests, water, heated can damage a stored product so much that it can no longer be sold. Many agricultural products are in ample supply during the harvest season and the prices of these products Is therefore usually low. The rest of the year the prices are usually higher because the supply is lower.

Products stored without damaging their quality can be sold for higher price after the harvest season. There is no guarantee that this will happen if price stay at the same level, producer will lose the money spent to store the products, therefore before making a decision to store a product you have to fully understand what the chances are that the prices of the products will increase.

Storing products is important because it allows the producer to sell their products later, when the price are higher. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that the price will indeed increase. It is important in any case to make sure that the quality of the product does not decrease during storage for better market.

By Mulopi Joseph
Celac Mayuge