How to Treat Mange in Goats And Sheep

By Mulopi Joseph

Mange is a major killer of goats especially in dry areas, but now can be treated easily with the castor oil and tamarind seeds. The cause of mange is small mites that burrow in the skin of the goat causing severe itching, loss of hair, scabby skin, emaciation and death.

It results in animals that are stressed and poor keepers. Wool and beef production, are also decreased.

goat with mange.jpg 2


A goat affected with Mange





Treat mange with crude castor seed oil (do not use refined oil) mixed with tamarind fruit solution 2kg of castor seeds in 20lt of water and 1kg of tamarind of tamarind solution in 10lt of water.
How to make a solution.

Roast the castor seeds on pan until they start popping up and turn dark, pound the seeds in motor or
Use a grinding stone. Put them in a cooking pot, add water to cover the pounded material and heat the
Mixture over fire until oil shows on the surface, remove the mixture from the fire and let it cool.

Then soak the tamarind frult in water, stir it to make a thick paste, remove the seeds and residues from the paste, and mix the castor oil with the tamarind paste. Use a hard brush to scrub the mixture out the

Animals body .Apply this once every week for 4 weeks.


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