Bambara ground nut is a member of the family Fabaceae with the origin in West Africa; now grown as traditional food plant in Africa and it is known as it has potential to improve nutrition, boost food security foster rural development and support sustainable land care. The Bambara ground nut ripens its pods underground much like the peanut also called ground nut. They can be eaten fresh or boiled after drying. The local names in Lusoga it is called Mpande, Luganda Mpande, and Kiswahili Njugumawe.

Bambara ground nut represent the third most important grain legume in semi-arid Africa. It is resistant to high temperature and is suitable for marginal soils where other leguminous crops cannot be grown for it makes very little demand on the soil and has a high nutritive value with 60%carbohydrate, and 18% protein content.

For these reasons it is not prone to the risk of total harvest failure even in low and un-certain rainfall regions. Due to its high protein value it is a very important crop for poorer people in some African communities who cannot afford expensive animal proteins. The seeds are used for food and beverages because of its high protein content, and for digestive system application.

The entire plant is known for soil improvement because of high nitrogen fixation, and it can be grown as a single crop or intercropped with sorghum, maize, yams, cassava, and banana.

Bambara ground nut do best on sandy soils to prevent water lodging, and the soil fertility should be low with soil ph of between 5ph to 6.5ph and should not be low than 4.3 ph or higher than 7ph.

Pest and diseases are not a serious problem for Bambara ground nut as they tend to be resistant to the pests and diseases.

Bambara ground nuts are good source of minerals particularly K, Mg, and Fe. This legume can be useful in formulation of a balanced diet, and also useful in areas where these minerals are a deficient in diet.


Mulopi Joseph

Celac mayuge farmers net work.  

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    Mine is to request for bambara ground nut seeds


  2. Posted by Flavia on January 5, 2017 at 9:59 am

    What are the benefits of eating bambara nuts


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