Mushroom Nutritional and Medicinal Values:

Mushrooms are modern day health foods that are low in carbohydrates and fats, yet high in protein (20-to -40% protein dry weight basis and 4% on fresh weight basis) which is equivalent to milk protein and are rich in vitamins than most vegetables.

Mushrooms are recommended for diabetic and anemia persons because of their high folic acid content and valued for their therapeutic properties, while the polyscchariles in it is known to prevent the growth of cancer, tumors. They are also used in treating stomach and intestinal ulcers .

They have capacity to break down cholesterol in blood, thus it is good for people with hypertension, gout and other related problems.

Because of their  excellent flavor, it is said that early time mushrooms were regarded as a food for gods, warriors, gods,kings  and bridegrooms.

In some communities  mushrooms are thought to bring back life.

By Mulopi Joseph
Chairperson Celac Mayuge District Farmers Network.


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