Plant Trees for Firewood Near Home


 It is known that the need for firewood can lead to deforestation, which damages the environment and makes difficult to find firewood. Women and children often do the hard work of collecting and carrying wood for fuel home and also face physical and sexual violence when travel to collect wood.

By planting and maintaining good firewood trees close to home the people who collect wood can stay safe and healthy. Trees planted near home provide shade, which helps to keep the environment cool and fresh, and also for proper supervision and reduce physical and sexual violence.

What I mean with sexual violence is that in most cases women and girls are raped during the course of looking for firewood from long distances and in thick bushes. Women may be particularly interested in planting firewood trees if they are well sensitized.

Many trees used in agro-forestry like Leucaena, sesbania, calliandra are ideal to plant as firewood , and also are all members of the pea family so they help put nitrogen into the soil which improves the fertility of the soil for farming…..Celac members plant these trees for firewood, animal feed and soil fertility.


Joseph Mulopi

Celac Mayuge District.


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