How to make horn items

Get the solid part of a horn and soak it in water. If shaping is needed, then heat the carved piece for about 5-10 minutes in hot but un boiling water. This softens the horn. Smoothen with the help of a rough, flat or half round file and a sharp stainless steel blade. After drill bores, light cuts   and channels in the required places on the body of the horn work. Polished with the help of rough leaves or sand paper till it becomes smooth and shiny

Clean with water and dry in open air. After drying polish with ash made from cow dung or charcoal ash and then assemble as desired. To make it look more beautiful, smear with oil or vanish.

From these you can make table lamps, buckles,buttons, walking sticks, ladles depending on the desired products.

Examine the horn from several angles and decide how much of the rough surface you need to remove and cut off the rough sections as you shape into desired items with the help of a drill

buckle made out of cow horns

buckle made out of cattle horns

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