Why Every Farmer Ought to Have a Granary

By Mary Nakirya

A granary in Butalejja

Food security means physical and economic access to enough food with a balanced diet and of their choice. This means that the person has enough balanced diet and is able to choose what he wants to eat at any time.

Food security is one of the most important aspects every one should look at whether a farmer or not. Because every one needs to eat in order to survive. It is not wise for any farmer to leave without having at least a small granary. What if an emergency occurs like a war, strike or even a long dry period?

For those who are none farmers storing some food gives you chance to take advantage of low prices from bulk buying. If you have certain foods that you need many times reserve it in your home store and during the time of scarcity you will be happier.

During the time of sickness it is safer if one has some food. Having food stored at a time such as this takes away the tension of how to pay for food. It would be sad if one is too sick to work or even to afford medicine and at the same time has a burden of food shortage.

At times during certain seasons crops may fail in some parts of the world or even country. This may cause a rise in the price of food. During this time if you are a farmer,it will be  advisable to take advantage of the crisis and increase the food as well. If it was stored during the time when the price was low, high profits will be realized then.

Self sufficiency is very vital for all of us. Once one has food in stock, he/she  does not need to rely on others during the times of hunger.

Preparation for Natural disasters during the time of drought, a flood etc is very vital. Many natural disasters have been taking place like mud slides, floods, drought etc. During this time, many people call for assistance to ask for food and seeds. If only every  one has a granary however small it might be, we would not be taken like beggars during this time of hardship because then we would just turn to the granaries for survival.

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