The Benefits of Eating Water Melon

Mulopi J.
Celac mayuge district farmers’ network

Water melon a fruit nature of southern Africa is today cultivated in almost all the
countries with tropical or temperature

It has a very think and hard rind with fleshy centers, and there are five varieties which are mostly grown and different in their colors, and sizes.

Water melon have a very high water content , which makes them extremely refreshing especially during hot seasons and at the same time they are low in calories and have almost no fat making them one of the healthiest fruits. Water melon being rich in potassium, help and is said it keeps salt from raising blood pressure and might reduce the risk of kidney stones also. It is said that water melons strengthen the immune system and help
the body in fighting infection.

Water melon is a very concentrated source of the carotenoids,which have been credited with cancer preventing properties and some of the important antioxidants in water melon helps the body in neutralizing free
radicals and thus diminishes the risk of colon cancer and reduces risks of heart attack in individuals.

It is also very low in calories making it a perfect snack for those trying to lose weight and the beta carotene present in
it helps to keep your vision sharp especially at night and it have been linked with easing inflammation and preventing occurrence of diabetes.


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