How To Manage Life as a Tomato Farmer

By Micheal Malime Musita,Mayuge district

Micheal in his tomato garden

As most people say, farming is the back bone of any nation. Indeed it is true.
“I need to share experience with my fellow farmers on how to  grow tomatoes” “I am a primary school teacher and do not have a very big piece of land for farming activities” I also earn a very small salary.

To start farming,i was insipired by BROSDI an NGO based in Mayuge and the kind of information that they pass on to farmers through SMS which one can get by asking a question.

I participated in the piloting of the project and together with other farmers learn t a lot especially pest control so i decided to start farming.

According to me, vegetable growing needs a small piece of land which farmers can manage to control and gets high yields.

Selection of good soil is important as it determines how much a farmer will get at the end. The soil should be loamy and well drained and should not be very fertile.

After slashing, the grass should not be burnt as this can help to mulch the crop.

Tomatoes mainly do well where there has been parallel veined grass. This is because plants in the same category use similar nutrients and are affected by the same diseases.

After transplanting, regular spraying is needed at an interval of 6-7 days as this will help to control tomato related infections.

However, regular checking on tomato fruits is vital to see whether there are sports on tomatoes caused by fungal infections.

If well looked after, tomatoes are a very good source of income to the family.

A healthy looking tomato in Micheal's garden


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