Why every Farmer Must Grow Onions

Onions grown in sacks

Onions grown in sacks

The onion is one of the most valuable crops to grow in the garden or in the compound.

It is mainly grown as a flavor for all types of food but also it has so many other values to humans as well as crops.

This article picks out a few uses of onions to humans.

They can be grown either in the garden or in the compound. Some people grow them in sacks in case the land is small.

Onions are also a high in food value that contains protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin C and calcium depending on the type and maturity stage and storage.

It can be used to cure cholera. Get about 30 grams of onion and seven black peppers, pound finely and add a little sugar. Give to the patient. This calms thirst, restlessness and lessens vomiting and diarrhea in a short time.

Onions are used to treat the burning feeling while passing urine. Get 6 grams of onion and boil in 500 grams of water. Leave the water to reduce to half, then cool, sieve and give to the patient to drink.
Because of its iron content, onions are beneficial in treating anemia.

Injection of its juice to animals may prevent the development of tuberculosis in animals.

It increases sexual activeness and strengthens the reproductory organs. Peel off the white variety of onions, crush and fry in pure butter.

To kill germs in the mouth, chew raw onion for 3 minutes. And cut a small piece of onion and place on the affected gum to cure tooth aches.

If onions are planted around the garden, the smell will repel snakes.

By Mary Nakirya


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