How to make “tanka y’abakyala” (womens’ tank)

In Luganda:

In English:

  1. Dig a square hole in the ground of desired size.
  2. Get mud and smear the walls within and out of the hole. This is to smoothen the walls and prevent possible mud slides.
  3. Put eucalyptus poles at each of the corners. These help to support the frame that will be constructed at the top – acts as a cover
  4. Neatly arrange plastic tarpaulin in hole, while cautious that water can easily seep through any hole.
  5. Construct the upper frame that acts as a cover. Cover with tarpaulin and papyrus mats. After, add the final frame. Use eucalyptus wood.
  6. Do not forget to leave a hole from where you will draw the water and also climb down to clean the tank occasionally.
  7. Construct pipes that will enable you draw water from the roof tops into the tank.
  8. Now your tank is complete.

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