How to Grow the Pomegranate Fruit

By Mulopi Joseph, CELAC Mayuge

Pomegranate is a tree with fruits like oranges and the inside seeds like those of maize. It is eaten fresh while roots are used by some people to treat stomach problems.

The powder of dry leaves can be used to lessen diabetes

The fruit has a relatively good level of carbohydrates with substantial sugar.
It contains high levels of citric acid, root bark and dried rids contains
tannins which is essential to the development of flavor in red wines.

It grows best in dry climates and requires high temperature during
fruiting and sufficient moisture to give good yield. Does best in
well-drained ordinary soil, but also does well on acidic loam as well as
rocky soil.

Plant by either seeds or cuttings at a spacing of 2 m x2 m or 5m x 5m.
Maturity is at 4 – 8 years and the fruit matures 6 to 7 months after flowering. The crop carries good market with Asians and people from the coast.


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