Farmers In Rural Areas are advised to Make Association for a Joint Voice In Horticulture

Horticulture is farming with perishable crops. Farmers, who grow crops like vegetables, apple bananas, flowers, paw paws etc, fall in this type of farming which means they are dealing with crops which decay very soon and it is important to invest in production of fruits and nuts.

Why invest in horticulture?

Two main reasons for farmers to invest in horticulture are

  1. generate income and provide employment
  2. improve nutrition and food security

Income Generation

v Intensive production of fruits, vegetables, and nuts has the potential for producing a higher income from small pieces of land although considerable inputs must be added to achieve higher yields. Commercial horticulture can be rewarding in areas with high population densities.

v Market; Horticulture farmers in rural areas complain about market but this problem can be overcame when we have a joint voice so that jointly we can be heard. Horticulture farmers are strongly urged to form Associations or societies, unless we come up with a group farming system, markets will not be developed adequately


Improving nutrition and food security;

Traditional agriculture was practiced in such a way that the various systems provided a variety of food. Grass lands and forestry provided a variety of fruits and other edible products. Children used to eat these naturally occurring fruits and nut while they were herding cattle but nowadays they depend almost entirely

On food from home, although undoubledly malnutrition did at time exist under the traditional agriculture system, the nutritional benefits that resulted from a wide variety of trees and crops have been lost in the modern times.

Fruits and nuts in the diet may prevent many nutritional disorders whether fruits are grown on small scale for home consumption or on a large scale the consumer gains important nutritional benefits from them


Chairman Mayuge CELAC


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