How to Control Aphids in Oranges or Orhads (Ducus SPP and Ceratitis SPP)

Aphids, also known as plant lice,are small plant-eating insects, and members of the superfamily.

Joseph Mulopi, the Chairperson CELAC Mayuge District Farmers Network shares some tips on how to prevent and control aphids in oranges and orchards.


Fruit flies lay eggs in the flowers and larva later develop in the fruit. The larva bore holes in the fruit, causing it to rot from secondary infections of fungai and bacteria.

Control aphids and scale insects because they secrete honeydew, which attracts the fruit flies. Encourage lady fruits into the orchard by increasing crop diversity and restricting use of insecticides.

  • Pick susceptible fruits early to ripen in the storage however, this is possible only for some kinds of fruits
  • Rake the soil around the tree, to make it less suitable as a breeding ground.

Mechanical control

  • Collect fallen fruit containing larvae and immediately bury it deeply, composite it or feed it to livestock
  • Grease bands on the main tree trunk to prevent larvae from crawling up the tree. Bag fruits that are ripening on the tree
  • Kill all the pupae found
  • Use trape made out of brightly cloured paper placed in strategic place

Biological control

  • Spray flowers frequently with a solution based on plants with insecticidal properties, such as garlic and onions solutions, neem insecticides such as neem oil.

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