LABLAB: A Weed that Farmers Believe Controls Night Dancers and Witches

By Maria Nakirya as gathered from field visits

Due to many uses of lab lab, farmers regard it as a night dancer controller. Many farmers in rural areas believe that, when it is inter cropped with other crops in the garden or around the garden, night dancers and witchcraft will be prevented from intruding into the gardens. In Uganda night dancers are known to be these kind of people who don’t wish well for others and once they

come to your garden, the crops either dry or result into very poor yields. They are very much related to witchcraft.
The crop is a multi purpose legume. It can be incorporated into cereal crops to address soil fertility decline and is used as an inter crop species especially with maize, sorghum and millet for higher yields.

It is also a human food where flowers and immature pods are used as a vegetable and a good quality animal feed legume.
It is a fodder legume sown for grazing and can also be conserved for future use by chopping and drying it for further storage. Also used as green manure and a cover crop

In Animal production, green lablab is given to cattle to add weight and milk yields. Milk quality also improves compared to cows eating other legumes. Supplementing the diet of goats with lablab in many areas has been shown to yield better condition for expecting goats, higher kid birth weights, growth rates, and milk yields.

When a rural farmer uses it well and it works, they think that when its absent in the garden, it is easily bewitched and night dancers are able to enter the garden, leading to reduced farm yields.


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