Joel Ekwaro’s Speech on Behalf of other Farmers at the Closure of CELAC ToT 2007

Posted by Mary Nakirya, Program Coordinator, BROSDI

We, the CELAC program organised a farmers’ training for the district networks where at least two farmers from each of the districts attended. At the closure of the training, one farmer suddenly stood up and made his speech which he read from a piece of manila cutting. I found his speech very intriguing and so decided to share it with you …

I am Joel Ekwaro from Alworceng parish Ibuje sub county Apac district. On behalf of my fellow farmers I would like to say that I am really amazed for all the activities which have been implemented here. And thank God for this organization in Busoga region.

I thank the facilitators who played a lot .I also thank the fellow farmers who have shared from the beginning to the end of the training /workshop. This shows that BROSDI is well disposed to help us achieve our goals and expectations.

In this training we have learnt about sharing information ie to define the word sharing information, it simply means people of different cultures and groups sitting together to dig out what is new or unnew so as they can expose this information to their area back at home. Like for now I am going back to share knowledge with others


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