How to Make Compost at Home

By Mary Nakirya

Compost is one of the environment’s best mulches and soil improvement, which can be used by farmers as an alternative to commercial chemical fertilizers that may in the long run have a negative effect to the soil and crops we eat.

It is also one of the cheapest ways of improving soil fertility. If well used, it improves the soil texture, structure and aeration

It helps sandy soil to have capacity to retain water, one of the major weaknesses of this soil type and loosens the thick clay soils to allow penetration of plant roots.

Also, it acts as food for micro organisms which are very relevant for the growth of healthy looking plants.

Different materials can be used to make manure including grass clippings trimmed from your compound, peelings, all kinds of kitchen wastes, thinned seedlings, and weeds, plus any kind of grass growing in your garden especially those with soft leaves. Avoid using weeds with seeds as they may end up germinating.

Start by digging a hole of a desirable size depending on the amount of compost needed.
The top layer should be 3-4 inches of composed of course grass or other materials that will allow penetration of water and air.

The second layer should have about 8 inches of mixed materials like grass, leaves, peelings and any other available materials. Power some little water to allow rotting.

Put a layer of little soil which serves to add micro organisms to your compost heap.

You may add little manure to provide additional nitrogen and then add water especially if your compost is dry.

Repeat the same process until your desirable compost peat is full and leave for four weeks, then turn the compost to make the materials which were on top turn to the bottom for effective composting.

Within 4 months the compost is ready, pack in sacks and then apply to your garden.
Avoid leaving the compost in a pile for along period. This is because; some of the nutrient will be lost through rain water or in the air. Farmers may also cover the heap with banana leaves until its ready to be used.


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  1. I made a compost at my home as per your guidelines.

    Thx for ur Article.Post with some Pictures to make ur article even more impressive.


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