Traditional Cheese making from Morocco

Compiled by Mrs Muwanga – Vice Chariperson of CELAC Masaka District Network

Fatima El-Idysy illustrated how cheese is made in Morocco without using rennet.
1. Prepare fermented milk

2. Measure the fresh milk to the tune of two parts of fresh milk for every one part of fermented milk

3. Boil the fresh milk and add the fermented milk. Do not remove from fire.

4. Boil the mixture till the curd has separated from the whey. Do not mix and do not lower the fire.

5. Remove from the fire ad cool completely until whey obtains a yellowish color

6. Using a cotton cloth, seive the coagulated milk and squeeze cloth to remove excess whey

7. Cheese is ready to eat

Information derived from Seminars on Cheese-making & Cheese-aging held and organised by CoRFiLaC, Ragusa, April 30 – May 11, 2007


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