Why you should use Wooden Instruments to make Cheese

Compiled by Karamagi Akiiki Ednah

From time immemorial, cheese making instruments were wooden. This is a cultural aspect. However today, some farmers prefer to use stainless steel alongside plastic instruments. Instruments implied here are the buckets, stirring spoon and draining cups.

Preferance to use stainless steel is because of the claim that they are easier to wash and keep clean as compared to the wooden ones.

The recommended wood type is the “Douglas Tree”. This is because it is strong and has a very smooth finish. Also, it soes not chip away quite easily. However, because teh Douglas tree doesnt grow in all climates, one can use any other type available provided it has a smooth finish and does not peel. Suggested option especially in africa was the use of the calabash.

Another advantage in use of the Douglas Tree is because it doesnt affect the utensil surface when in contact with hot water. It also doesnt shift its condition during winter and summer seasons. It also enables lesser transfer of micro organisms from the wood to the milk.

    Information derived from Seminars on Cheese-making & Cheese-aging held and organised by CoRFiLaC, Ragusa, April 30 – May 11, 2007


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