The knowledge fair that was

By Mariah Nakirya

For some of the farmers, it was the first time to come to Kampala and others the first time to be recorded. Thanks to Bellanet for providing us with an I river which the farmers praised as a new method they had never seen before and some thought the whole studio had been brought as some kept thanking Maria thinking she was hearing them live on radio as they talked. Others kept fighting to be recorded first before the radio air time ends until they were informed that when the gadget is full, the information will be removed and more recorded.

Those who were coming to Kampala for the first time left the villages a day before and arrived at the site in Wobulenzi as early as 9:00 am even before the organizers had started preparing for the organized supper.

Though a good number had been to the radio for another CELAC program, others had never touched the microphone and here they come, so excited and urgue, giving their views and taking lead at discussions, debates and a mock radio program. As for Mrs. Mpungu from Masaka,she kept praising the mobile phones as she talked while putting it on her ears that she wanted to inform mr.Mpungu how she had earned a whole 27000shs from one bunch of Banana.hahaha………. More to come from Maria


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  1. Posted by Abubaker Basajjabaka on May 3, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    Maria, this is a good start. I’m particularly happy that the Iriver was used to record audio for podcasting. The other idea that comes to mind is to have this audio burnt on CDs for distribution to farmers.

    Then the other is to have an edited version posted on the celac website.


  2. Thanks Abu,

    We are making some more recordings of how to guides using the same gudget.We hope to burn them on C.Ds for distribution to the farmers.

    As soon as recording is finished,editing will be done for the cds and website but may bewe shall have to approach you for more guidelines on how to edit them.


  3. Yes, Maria thanks big… while in Mayuge town council, a farmer was excited to hear her chairperson’s voice on the net. Infact she said she was fascinated by the maiden experience! She has one prayer to you Maria….that next time you organise a similar event please let her a chance to be apart of the gathering….thanks again and we can not wait to see the schedules of such big events more frequent if reouces do allow.


  4. waiting for the updates.


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